B-Design : Peinture sur casque

B-Design graphic design

B-Design graphic design

Our design service lets you see your helmet as you imagine it, even before we get hold of it.

Using “High-Definition” technology, we can produce a three-dimensional, realistic model of your B-Design painting.
All the effects and materials (chrome, holographic, etc.) as well as the various additional features (carbon fins or iridium visors) will be shown on your helmet.

With your B-Design “HD” model, you will be sure of having made the right choice by picking us as your official designer!

Examples of models

maquette-berthod.jpg (658x471)



maquette-jkv.jpg (658x471)



maquette-stepanov.jpg (658x471)

Prices and terms

With B-Design painting order*:


•    Model 5 view: €149
•    Change to the model’s colours and shape: €45
•    Option of a 2nd model, starting afresh: €110**



Without B-Design painting order*:


•    Model with no obligation to place a B-Design painting order, rights-free (for private use): €295
•    For mass-produced helmet models, please ask us for more information.



*Our models cannot be produced on the basis of a quote alone.

**The1st model remains the sole property of B-Design. Any use, even partial, by you or a third party will provide grounds for legal action. 



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