B-Design : Peinture sur casque

Quality charter

Our commitment to quality

What is the B-Design quality charter?

It is simply a guarantee of buying a helmet made to perfection, following an original design in line with the relevant safety standards and accreditation schemes.

Quality workmanship


A helmet painting is a handmade work of art, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done perfectly.

Grégory Brand, the leading painter and designer at B-Design, employs all his skills to offer you a work of exceptional quality!

There is no limit on the time he will take to ensure nothing is left to chance. Everything is measured to the millimetre, for near-perfect symmetry.
Different colour shades are applied with the utmost care, to ensure the various patterns are clear.

Original designs


Respect for the originality of our paintings is an integral part of our quality commitment. That’s why our design studios are always looking for new influences in order to offer an original design to every owner of a B-Design painting.

First-class products and paints!


The products and paints used are high-quality materials that give you the benefit of a flawless end result, with better resistance to UV as well as gravel impact.

We only use air-dry acrylic and polyurethane paints and varnishes (oven-dry paints are not allowed).

Compliance with safety and accreditation rules


Each B-Design painting is carried out following the safety rules set out by the FIA (Appendix L, chapter III, § 1). We also follow all directives and restrictions set out by the manufacturer.

The outer shell (the part to be painted) is therefore effectively protected so that the paint and solvents can under no circumstances enter into the helmet and adversely affect the performance of its padding.

Only permitted parts are removed (e.g. the inner part, covering the top of the head, must never be detached from the shell, and the safety accreditation would be automatically withdrawn if this were discovered during an inspection by the manufacturer or safety organisations).

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