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If you have just bought one of our B-Design helmet paintings, or if you wish to place an order, there are some important things to remember. A helmet painted in our workshops is above all a unique item that is specific to each driver. The quality and style of our designs serve above all to promote your image to your sports team, which is why it is important to keep your helmet in good condition.

Below are a few rules to follow to ensure your helmet is properly maintained, to keep it looking as good as new.

Rangement :


The helmet must be transported and stored:


• In its original cover (or in a "Paquetage" style padded helmet bag).
• It must be carefully placed in your stand (for karting drivers, putting it in your bucket seat is not recommended).

On the track:


To avoid premature damage to your newly painted helmet, we recommend having a 2nd helmet for:


• Rainy days (water and exhaust fumes damage the paintwork and cause the inside of your helmet to deteriorate prematurely. As you are more likely to come off track in the rain, this increases the risk of gravel impact).
• Trials and races at the back of the pack.

Chrome :


Helmets with chrome-based paintwork must be kept away from direct heat sources. You might get a nasty surprise as they cause the fibre of the helmet appears through the chrome.

You can drive in sunny weather, however, as the air combined with the speed will ensure the helmet remains at the correct temperature.

Cleaning the helmet:


To keep your helmet looking good, we strongly recommend using an appropriate cleaning product.

That’s why B-Design has launched the 1st ever 3-in-1 cleaning product specially designed for painted helmets.

This cleaner guarantees:
• Paintwork that looks as good as new, with no risk of surface alteration.
• An interior with revived, deodorised interiors (bactericidal active ingredient that kills 99% of bacteria!)
• A flawlessly clean visor for optimal visibility.



See "Helmet / Visor / Interior" cleaner.




It is important to protect visors with Tear offs (protective film designed for your visor). If oil is sprayed across your field of vision, you can remove the film to regain visibility. (For iridium visors, the Tear off must be correctly adjusted to keep it in place and prevent the colour treatment from being scratched.)

To clean your visor, use the B-Design helmet cleaner (except for iridium visors, which have their own special cleaner).



See special cleaner for iridium visors.


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