B-Design : Peinture sur casque



After choosing a B-Design "Classic" or "Original" paint job, you have a range of options to ensure it looks just the way you want.



With B-Design painting order*


•    Model with 5 view: €280
•    Change to the model’s colours and shape: €65
•    Option of a 2nd model, starting afresh: €250


* Model with no obligation to place a B-Design painting order, rights-free, please ask us for more information.



•    Chroming of the whole helmet: €590

•    Accessories supplement: €90 
•    Holographic effect supplement: €95

* Regarding metal-plating of helmets, the inner part that covers the top of the head is never detached from the shell.
Our working techniques guarantee that your helmet will be accredited in the event of inspection by the manufacturer or safety organisations.

Finishing varnish


•    Glossy varnish: €0  (included in the B-Design painting)
•    Matt varnish: €280
•    Matt & glossy varnish: €420


•    Glitter varnish supplement (blue, red, gold or silver): €80

Reproduction of decorations on accessories


All accessories (vents, fin, etc.) are disassembled and painted separately.


•    ventilation kit: €90 ((from)
•    Fin, spoiler : €160 per unit.
•    Touring visor, Frontal protection: €160

Paint and/or special effects


  • Holographic vinyl:

  1. Name: 90 €
  2. Number: 120 €
  3. Nets: 280 € (0 € if "Motifs" already chosen)
  4. Reasons: 310 € (0 € if "Nets" already chosen)



Vinyl holographique




  • Phosphorescent pigment: 490 €

This pigment allows your helmet to illuminate in total darkness!



Pigment phosphorescent




  • Swarovski crystals: 10 € each.


Cristaux Swarovski




  • Carbon effect: 180 €


effet carbone




  • Maxi flakes: 210 €

Large silver flakes; Possibility of tinting them in many colors (gold, blue, red, green etc.).



Maxi paillettes




Gold leaves: From 110 €

Text and logo production


Reproduction of names, logos and other texts (workable file supplied by the customer*).


•    Internet address: €35 per unit.
•    Country flags (next to name): €35 per unit.
•    Brand or sponsor logo: from €110.

*€50 of the vectorisation cost will be billed if the logo supplied is not useable.

Figurine production


Reproduction of comic strip heroes, cartoons, portraits and other figurative designs.


•    From €150

Used helmet preparation

•    Shining before decoration: €110
•    Sanding  and reconditioning a helmet before decoration (helmet already painted) : €350 
•    Restoring an existing B-Design helmet painting: €790

Express lead time supplement: €650 (From*)


In exchange for an “express lead time” supplement, we can complete all the stages of the B-Design custom painting service in the shortest timeframe possible, as soon as the order is received.

*Price depending on planning and initial deadline as well as the type of painting to be done.

Helmet equipment fitting*

•    Fitting Hans clips: €0 (included in the B-Design painting service)
•    Fitting a radio kit: €35
•    Fitting a drinks kit: €35


*Price does not include the equipment purchase price.

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