B-Design : Peinture sur casque

Useful Guide

Instructions for completing the design form

You will find below detailed instructions to help you fill in our form.

Our customer service is also there to answer your queries, either by phone on 0033 4 78 47 85 05 or by email on info@b-design.fr)


1st step : Your helmet



2 options :


  •  You already own a helmet : you send it to us and make sure you describe its condition in the paint form by choosing the new or damaged option.


  • You do not own a helmet : you choose and order one on line amongst our 2 proposed brands (Arai & Bell)




You then have the option to give us details on the different accessories to put on your helmet (Hans clips, radio kit et drinking system).

2nd step : Choose your paint


2 options :


•    B-Design "Classic" paint (simple kind of decoration)
•    B-Design "Original" paint (more sophisticated type of decoration)



Refer to the various characteristics in the tariff grids




Colours & Designs

  • You have a good idea of what paint you want : in that case please describe the paint colours required as well as any other useful information in the order form. A sketch would be very useful to ensure we fully understand your request.


  • You have a rough idea of the paint you want : trust us, our team will know perfectly how to satisfy your wish with just a little information. Colors and helmets references we will be more than enough for you to create a unique painting!


  • You do not have any particular idea but you want to have your very own special helmet : we therefore recommand you to have a look a tour gallery of photos to decide what type of colors and design you wish to get. With this in mind, we can then make you a very special helmet.




 Additional options*:


In addition to the B-Design ‘Classic’ or ‘Original’ paint, you can also get additional options such as chrome, matte varnish or matte & gloss etc.


 *Have a look at the various options.

3rd step : Text, logos and cartoons


In the paint form, you need to indicate clearly which text, logos and drawings you wish us to paint :

  • Your name
  • Country flag
  • Website
  • Sponsor logos
  • Cartoons



Please provide your logos in ai or eps format (vectored file) as much as possible.


4th step : The accessories


We also would like you to let us know on the achieving your various aerodynamic appendages (vents, spoiler, front spoiler etc.) as follows :


  • A painting in a united way without following the lines of the painting of the helmet
  • A paint following the lines of the painting of the helmet
  • Supprimer les accessoires d’origine pour les remplacer par des translucides.



Delete the original accessories and replaced by translucent.

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