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B-Design: our story

A story like that of the B-Design brand can only happen when passion is the driving force!
This has enabled us to evolve day after day, while maintaining a certain code of conduct: behaving with professionalism and honouring our commitments.


Why not join us on this adventure by entrusting your helmet to us?

B-Design in the early days


Grégory Brand, founder of B-Design, started out in the business very young with the encouragement of his father.

From the age of 14, passionate about motorsports and drawing, Grégory took private lessons in airbrushing and design to master the various techniques of his future trade: Helmet Painter and Designer.

His first helmets were made for driver friends, with whom he rubbed shoulders at the track during his eight years as a kart driver.

The equipment used for painting helmets was rather basic at the time but Gregory has always been keen to provide a high standard of quality, a value that his father and his airbrushing teacher instilled in him the first time he picked up an airbrush.

B-Design today


B-Design today has:


  • An Online Shop selling equipment by top brands (Arai, Bell, Alpinestars).
  • A racing service on many circuits throughout the year.
  • A design studio with equipment specially designed for making helmets.
Access to B-Design Shop
Racing Service
Helmet Art