B-Design : Peinture sur casque

B-Design painting

B-Design... exceptional painting!

B-DESIGN’s unique expertise offers you a chance to enter a graphic world like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Creativity, perfectionism, originality… those are the watchwords of Grégory Brand, the sole creator of B-Design’s paintings!

Discover that rare sensation, the principle of perfection… by B-Design!

Your helmet, our means of expression!


From taking delivery of your helmet to the shoot at the photo studio, we make every effort to offer you the very best.

Helmet painting is an Art that’s not to be taken lightly - it requires talent, creativity and experience.

B-Design paintings meticulously follow these criteria so you can be sure of getting a truly exceptional helmet!

Why choose B-Design?


As mentioned above, B-Design helmet paintings are exceptional items that are special to each driver.

Our high standards and experience ensure you get:



    • An original design that matches your profile.
    • The highest standards of workmanship with the various patterns appearing clearly.
    • Total respect for your helmet, with no damage to it.*
    • Attentive customer care and a professional sales department!

Choosing B-Design is a guarantee of owning “THE HELMET” of your dreams!


*B-Design helmet paintings comply with the safety standards imposed by the FIA and guarantee safety accreditation for your helmet (see B-Design quality charter)

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