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How do I order?

Ordering from B-Design... nothing could be easier!

Nothing could be easier than ordering your helmet painting from B-Design!

Simply send us your helmet (or the balance of the helmet if ordered from our helmet shop) to place an order.

The balance of your order (paint, accessories, postage) will be payable upon completion of your helmet, shortly before delivery.


A detailed explanation guide is available to help you complete our painting forms.

Painting forms for Arai helmets

Downloadable painting forms for all Arai motorsports and karting helmets.


formulaire-page-1-arai.jpg (707x500)dessin-casque-arai-serie-6.jpg (500x353)

Downloads for other helmet models:

Arai GP5-W helmet (Touring type)

Arai "Séries 5" range helmet

Painting forms for Bell helmets

Downloadable painting forms for all Bell motorsports and karting helmets.


formulaire-page-1-bell.jpg (707x500)dessin-casque-bell-serie-3-.jpg (500x354)


Download for other helmet model:

Bell "jet" type helmet

Painting forms for other helmet brands

Downloadable painting forms for all helmet brands other than Arai and Bell.


formulaire-autre-casque.jpg (707x500)dessin-autre-casque.jpg (500x353)

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